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Way Cool Web Design: Web Design for Maryland, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and the World

Web Site Design, Based in Maryland

Way Cool Web Design, located in Thurmont, Frederick County, Maryland, have been practicing professional Web site design since 1995. A collection of the best Web site professionals in the industry have come together under one umbrella to help you create or update your presence on the web.

Our web design projects are large or small, public or private, local or International. Whatever your web design needs, let our professional Web site design experience get you results!

Website Design Company for Washington D.C., Baltimore... and The World

Wow! That's it! Since I changed that block yesterday, it was one of the first things I checked, but I overlooked the problem. You're a genius, and I'm very grateful ... Again, I am most grateful for your speedy assistance and impressed with your ability.
T. H., IT Analyst Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut

In this industry, Web site design companies are often one person who has a talent in either designing or coding. She gets a domain name and opens up shop, then you suffer from her lack of experience in the wide range of skills required to make a website a real success. Your web site doesn’t have to choose between form and function. You can have it all. You can have Way Cool Web Design.

Website Design Services

Way Cool Web Design is a collection of skilled web design monkeys, folks that are in love with being very good at what we do, whether that’s Information Architecture, Usability, Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Coding, Illustrating or Writing/Content Development. We’re the kind of web design folks that spend hours tinkering on our own time to hone our current web design skills or to learn new ones. Because of this devotion we can offer a range of professional web design services that are unmatched in the web design industry.

Way Cool Web Design members have performed their various crafts for many, from the “Mom and Pop” next door, to some of the most well-known companies in the world such as AOL, Ameritrade, AARP, Verisign, Verizon, PayPal, Planned Parenthood, Bechtel and many more. We have over one hundred projects available online for your review, and many of those companies have returned for multiple projects over the years. We've literally created hundreds if not thousands of web sites and ads for companies all over the world, from America to Australia.

Web Site Designer

I'm very impressed with your web designs and tableless CSS skills... You completed the work very quickly, and it was correct the first time. You are also a good communicator, which always helps.
James B., Owner Bishop Konig Advertising

It’s not always easy to provide an example of what is, and what is not, good website design. We do provide a gallery of our Web designs, but that tends to emphasize visual design. There are many things happening “behind the scenes” of a Web site — important things; things that should happen before the site is even built; things that rightly should be unapparent to the user though it may have been laboured over to achieve its invisibility. It’s tough to showcase these essential website design issues, such as Information Architecture, Usability, Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization, Coding, Illustrating and Writing. Surf through our web site design services area so we can show you what makes us different.

John is a rare talent with the ability to cross over between design and programming. Willing to find programming / css solutions to almost any design challenge. I can always count on John to produce clean, efficient and thoughtful websites. John is a great resource, always on top of the latest industry trends. He is the BEST!

M. S., Owner IndigoPark
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