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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

What a touchy area! There’s been so much voodoo, scamming, and hype about SEO in the past few years that it’s sometimes hard to keep a straight face when someone tells you they perform SEO services. The cold hard truth is that Search Engines do not want you to know the exact algorithms they use to rank your page. That’s fair. It means they really want people to find relevant results. If they publish their formulas, folks can more easily manipulate their code to rank highly.

The problem is that some folks, like us, do seek to know how to make our web site more visible in the vast sea of possibilities. And folks, like us, can take almost any website that has not been optimized and make it rank more highly in a search engine than it did before we got it. If your website currently drives any business to you, you’d better hope your competition doesn’t call us before you.

An SEO Company?

Ladies and gents, we are not an SEO company. Our focus is web design, advertising and illustration. However, you can see with your own eyes that we can indeed get a website ranked well. Search for “cool web design” on Yahoo! and see how we rank. Should be around 8 or so (we were at 38 years ago). Oh, and we're currently #4 in Google. Not bad for the tons of “cool web design” sites out there.

About Search Engine Placement Guarantees

So, why should you consider Way Cool Web Design for SEO services when we admit we are not an SEO Company? Frankly, it’s because more often than not you’ll see improvement in your ranking whether we are an “SEO Company” or not, because it's more about coding your site well than it is about mysterious tricks. And you’ll have total honesty from us, which is in short supply when it comes to the average SEO company.

Anyone who guarantees you results is misleading you. Not only that but they can permanently damage your domain name in the eyes of search engines by employing techniques theengines frown upon. The penalty is no small smack on the wrist if a search engine catches you employing these techniques — they ban your domain from their database forever. Invisible text, stuffing/hiding keywords, doorway pages, and other such techniques are a no-no these days. Way Cool Web Design never uses these “grey area” techniques because what was once a grey area can become a black area with no warning, and then it’s too late.

Website Design, or Web Site Design?

So the answer from our home page about why we alternate the usage of “website” and “web site” is because folks search for both of those terms when looking for web design companies. If we consistently used what we believe is correct — “Web site” — then we’d lower our chances of attracting someone who had searched for “website design”. Of course, by using both, we’re watering down the power of both terms! Decisions, decisions...

First I'll just say it looks...amazing! I'm so excited! I've been playing around on the new site, and it's just fantastic...absolutely everything I had hoped for but so much more. Our ability to even make the smallest little change ourselves is just such a huge bonus and is so different from other website versions we've had, it just makes it that much more useful to me.

D.N., Publisher The Daily Washington Law Reporter
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