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Internet Advertising

Proven Advertising Success

Way Cool Web Design artists have created thousands of ads for well known online entities since 2000, continually producing effective, clickable advertising. It’s surprising how affordable our effective advertising is!

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet

We all heard the stories in 2003 about banner advertising click-through dropping through the floor. Even so, have you been to any big player websites lately that have been completely ad-free? Didn't think so. It must be working for someone.

The 2003 shakeup, in our opinion wasn't entirely that internet advertising itself had entered some bizarre click-through black hole. The economy was still barely limping along, and there was a surplus of “designers” pumping out dirt-cheap, thoughtless advertising to clients who only wanted to pay for dirt-cheap, thoughtless advertising. That's nothing new but be careful what you wish for.

Internet Advertising's Apparent Secrets

We're here to let you in on some apparent secrets about Internet advertising. These secrets don't seem to be so secret to us but since they do to most other folks we like to pretend we hold some mysterious marketing power. Internet voodoo, maybe.

Assume for a moment that you are the client and you know a lot about your business, and that we are the advertising folks and we know a bit about that. Ready? Good, here we go with Lesson 1:


High Click-Through Banner Advertising

OK, you can get up off the floor. Let's talk about Lesson 1 back there, the one we yelled at you. First, let us apologize. We say it so often but if falls on deaf ears, so sometimes we like to yell it.

Advertising serves several functions. Promoting whatever product or pitch your company offers is not its only job. Advertising also projects your company’s image to a potential client. It's a chance to tell them, subtly, often without any words at all, about your company. Advertising leaves an impression with the viewer, why not make it a good one?

Now that we understand a little bit more about Lesson 1, let’s talk about Lesson 2: click-through results. We are endlessly amazed by companies that get stuck on click-through. We understand the premise... someone clicked on an ad, it must've gotten their attention. How that premise ever got mistaken for successful advertising we can only imagine. It must have taken off as a benchmark because it's a tangible result people can track, however bad of a benchmark it may be. It is better than nothing.

Advertising That Really “Works”

But what does click-through measure, exactly? Does it reveal which ads really “work”? It’s been our experience that the highest click-through advertising is “faux functionality” and other kinds of “annoying” ads. “Faux functionality ads” look like computer system alerts and such. Annoying ones are just that - flashing, blinking, etc.

We know what that tells us, but what does it tell you? Hopefully the same thing. People are clicking these ads to get rid of them, or are being fooled by them. What impression about your company do you think that leaves with the viewer?

So if you're hoping only for click-through, we're happy to oblige by developing ads that will drive hoards of people to click, but don't say we didn't tell you so. Why don't you instead let us develop some ideas that bring high quality ROI clicks to your website? It is not the quantity of clicks but the quality.

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