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Want to share your thoughts with the world? You need a blog! Right out of the gate there are some important decisions to make when starting a blog...

What is your budget?

You could get a blog for free. It might fulfill your needs or it might turn into your worst nightmare. Figure out now what your goals are for the blog and it will help you make wiser decisions about whether to use a free service like Blogger, a standalone product like WordPress, or a full-fledged CMS with blogging features such as Drupal CMS.

While the idea of free blogging sounds appealing, and it does work for some, its limitations almost always creep up to bite you in the behind. Free blogs are not very extensible. The "look" of the blog can often only be controlled by uploading templates that, while widely available and free as well, are used by many others for the same reasons. Your blog will likely look exactly like someone else's.

WordPress Blog

A standlone blog on WordPress is a great way to start. The software is free and hosting is reasonable. WordPress is known to be pretty easy to use for beginners however entrepreneurs who start with this sometimes run into "the WordPress wall" - they eventually want what started as a blog to become a more full-fledged site. WordPress has grown in recent years to allow for some of this by being able to post "pages" as well as "posts", and you will find many decent sites using WordPress as a CMS for the entire site, however there is still a lot left to be desired in WordPress' functionality when it comes time for the growth and functionality requirements of a "real" web site.

When you've hit the WordPress wall the solution is a Content Management System that was created to handle the needs of a Web site that is growing in size and requirements. That CMS is Drupal. With Drupal, out of the box, you could have a blog, a forum, a full web site with functionality galore at your fingertips.

John did a wonderful job redesigning my website in a way that worked within my budget and created a result that is both impressive to look at and highly functional. He was a pleasure to work with!

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