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Truco Enterprises "On The Border"

Truco Enterprises - 'On The Border'

"We are super happy with your progress! We are more excited than we've ever been as it's all coming to fruition! Thanks for that! Dave, our president, was equally impressed."
Ann H., Creative Director Truco Enterprises, LP

Truco came to us with a dilemma for their corporate web site. They had invested in a Drupal site implementation however it didn't end up looking as they'd hoped. Way Cool Web Design was in talks with Truco about re-theming their site with a Truco-designed layout when we discovered the install had mostly been manually created. In other words their new Drupal site was not very "Drupally" - much of the functionality had been hand-coded as opposed to using Drupal modules to achieve functionality goals.

While all developers need, on occasion, to reach into that bucket, the amount of hand-coded scripting used meant it was going to be an expensive proposition to re-theme. Basically, the cost to re-theme would almost have been as much as to totally rebuild using more appropriate modules.

Recoding Chips & Salsa Drupal Site Was A Zesty Adventure

Once Truco understood the issue at hand, our quest to re-implement and theme their site began with turning their design into Drupal themes. We recreated and even improved most functionality easily through existing Drupal modules including Ubercart for ecommerce.

An interestingly complex situation arose from the Store Locator, which previously had been a separate database. Way Cool Web Design implemented a solution using existing Drupal modules that imported a CSV of store information, creating pages for each store containing its address information. This was important because we could then use the Location and Google GMap modules to create the Locator so that a user could enter a zip to find local stores carrying Truco products - all displayed on a Google map.

The store import setup not only used Drupal modules for the import and locator functions, but also for the deletion of the stores which are updated on a routine basis. Truco has its products in Walmart, Target and other stores across the United States meaning this system needed to import, map and delete a half a million nodes. Now that's Way Cool!


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