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TASIS Connection

TASIS Connection

"GAWD...I just don't think we could live without you now for a whole 4 hours!!!!!!! Seriously. No joke. :0)"
L. H., Co-Owner Balance Technology Group, Inc.

TASIS Connection is a professional development portal designed to facilitate professional relationships amongst the global TASIS community.

The 10,000 graduates of the global TASIS Community enjoy a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and professional abilities. Bringing together over 50 years of alumni, classmates and friends of The American School in Switzerland, TASIS Connection helps their international community reach out around the world to develop professional relationships that can provide a level of trust based on a common experience built over the years by all of us in Montagnola.

Balance Technology provided parts of this project to us to handle: design and coding HTML/CSS. Way Cool also developed the new TASIS logo. Backend community interaction and a flash map of members was provided by Balance.


The TASIS Connection project was developed with:
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