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Smokehouse Band Logo Design

Band Logo Design Rocks, Dude!

Smokehouse Band logo design

Smokehouse Band plays Classic Rock and Southern Rock cover tunes in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. While the music is obviously the focus, it’s not the whole package. Those Smokehouse boys are the life of the party!

Their logo needed to reflect the fun rock party music they play (ZZTop, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Kiss, that sort of stuff) as well as their own fun rock personalities. The babbling they do between songs is almost as much fun as the music itself.

First I'll just say it looks...amazing! I'm so excited! I've been playing around on the new site, and it's just fantastic...absolutely everything I had hoped for but so much more. Our ability to even make the smallest little change ourselves is just such a huge bonus and is so different from other website versions we've had, it just makes it that much more useful to me.

D.N., Publisher The Daily Washington Law Reporter


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