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NACUBO Connections

Nacubo Connections

"First of all...I can see why Kim recommended you. This is near perfect right off the bat."
C. L., Owner Northstar Creative

On advice from another friend of ours, Northstar Creative asked us to code HTML templates and an Email for the NACUBO Connections site. NACUBO membership offers benefits and opportunities for higher education business professionals. NACUBO Connections is the community aspect of the larger NACUBO site, offering ways to bring the membership together.

Immediately, Northstar was impressed with our ability to quickly turn around HTML that looked just like the Photoshop mockups. To paraphrase a part of the call, Northstar said, "I had to double-check and test the page because I thought at first you'd sent me a screen shot instead of HTML."

Wow! That's it! Since I changed that block yesterday, it was one of the first things I checked, but I overlooked the problem. You're a genius, and I'm very grateful ... Again, I am most grateful for your speedy assistance and impressed with your ability.
T. H., IT Analyst Town of Wethersfield, Connecticut


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