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The Daily Washington Law Reporter

The Daily Washington Law Reporter

"First I'll just say it looks...amazing! I'm so excited! I've been playing around on the new site, and it's just fantastic...absolutely everything I had hoped for but so much more. Our ability to even make the smallest little change ourselves is just such a huge bonus and is so different from other website versions we've had, it just makes it that much more useful to me."
D.N., Publisher The Daily Washington Law Reporter

Since 1874 The Daily Washington Law Reporter has been the only newspaper to report daily on both the D.C. and federal courts. DWLR features Opinions from the D.C. Superior Court, D.C. Court of Appeals, U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C., and the U.S. District Court for D.C., Judge biographies, Legal notices, Online Archives and more.

Our friend, Substance151, supplied designs and site architecture for this online subscription web site. Way Cool Web Design provided the Drupal CMS implementation, including private file downloads and premium site access for members.

Custom Drupal Functionality

Way Cool also provided substantial custom Drupal functionality. The Judge select box dropdown is one example. Another is the member-only notices throughout the site. In a default Drupal install if a certain role does not have access to a page the end user simply gets a "You do not have access to this page" notice when attempting to access a forbidden page, however for DWLR we wanted to show some content while restricting other content, all within a given page. In this way we could show non-members results of an Archive search while still keeping the actual content behind closed doors.


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