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Cascades Overlook Apartments

Cascades Overlook Apartments

"John Barrick rocks."
K. B., Owner Brook Group, LTD

The Cascades Overlook Apartments web site is one of a series of David S. Brown, LTD. web sites created in conjunction with our Friend Brook Group by using a templatized version of a Drupal Content Management installation. By cloning the first Drupal web site we implemented,, we were able to quickly produce another web site with minor graphic changes. Once DSB updates the content of the cloned sites, they will have a full, new web site much more quickly than developing each from scratch.

Not only has Drupal saved DSB money by allowing for quick site development, but over time the Content Management System itself will save DSB gobs of money by getting rid of the middleman — US! That’s right, we’re putting ourselves out of business by helping people learn to use Drupal, the CMS so easy to use you will no longer need a “webmaster” to perform your day-to-day site content updates.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. A solution that compensates for critical deficiencies in IE support for CSS was provided by John, enabling us to push ahead with a strategy that may not have been possible otherwise. My advice to you if you're considering working with John Barrick on a project is: Do it! I intend to continue working with John on this and other future projects.

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