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Multiple Event Registration Using Drupal & Ubercart Attributes

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Although not as flexible as Webform, we decided to use Ubercart Attributes to enable multiple event registration using Drupal. Here's a quick look into how to use it yourself. We use Drupal 6 the Ubercart 2 module.

This solution may not be suitable if you have advanced needs for information gathering or special user tracking, however if your need is simply to gather some info and allow a user to pay in advance for an event registration, this does the trick.

If you haven't yet, create an Event product class in Ubercart via the "Manage Classes" page (/admin/store/products/classes). Create a test event node we can play with.

In /admin/store/attributes click "add an attribute", for example, "Attendee Name". Choose "text field". Now let's edit your test event node. Near the top of the edit screen is the extra navigation Ubercart adds to product content types ("classes"). Choose "Attributes". Click the "add attributes form" link. You will see a box containing all the Attributes you created earlier. If you only created the one "Attendee Name" attribute then there will only be one attribute in this box. Select it and click the "add attributes" button. This attribute will now show up in your "add to cart" area of the node.

All that remains is some styling and you're all set!

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