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css Zen Garden - Pseudo Sahara

Monday, March 9, 2009

Way back in the day, @2002, like many web monkeys I was salivating over css Zen Garden and the possibilities of CSS. It opened something in my brain. Although the visions of loveliness I had back then haven't quite come to fruition, it definitely changed my path from simple design and table-based HTML layout to a focus on tableless CSS-based designs.

Pseudo Sahara, a css Zen Garden theme by John Barrick

I was inspired to try my hand at a Zen Garden theme. While the company I worked for at the time liked my enthusiasm and thought the Garden was pretty nifty, I think I was the only one who relished the implications. So I set off in the evenings working on polishing my skills and developing a theme I could submit to the Garden.

I ended up with "Pseudo Sahara" by John Barrick, accepted as css Zen Garden theme #13. I seem to recall receiving a notice from that the theme also ended up in a css Zen Garden book but I haven't seen it so I can't verify.

I've received emails from people about the design; can we use it, do you know it has scrollbars in XYZ browser, etc. Sure, you can use it, and yes, I see in some browsers there are flaws. I made it @2002. But before you do use it just know it is called "Pseudo Sahara" for a reason... the faded script writing is actually a Tolkien font, elvish I think, but it looked Arabic to me and I thought it'd be kinda funny to use it. If I recall, the script at the top says something like, "Doesn't this fancy script make the text look important?" and the larger script underneath "the beauty of css design," says "CSS".

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Great Work

Great Work! I appreciate with you that it definitely changed our path from simple design and table-based HTML layout to a focus on table less CSS-based designs.

Patty O'Umbrella

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